Everyone says with different assurances
Everything it will be fine very soon, what happened is very bad, such a person is not found in the world!!!!

And how much hope, how much peace,
So what is the eternal immortality?

Or just for a few days???
Or just to forget that guy???
They only give peace!

Everyone knows that nobody belongs here
All false hopes, and with false promises
They comes in your very near and sits next to him.
Even so, people put their fingers in their noses and Smiling is also done in front of your eyes.

If I have a broken leg
I have to walk with the stick of hope.

Some will be my hope
He didn’t expect me.
If I am helpless today ? So how ?? go ahead !! All the problems must be solved with your strong confidence.

Hey God Father,
Treat me like your own child
Give strength and power
How about all my situation
inspire me
In this cruel world
I can give an example of victory.

By N Bhuyan, Writer

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