Dogs or Cats??

Dogs or cats?

A little story, a dog and a cat live in the same building, but they do not close each other and always fight about everything, if anything touch the dog so cat complaint to dad(House owner). dad know about his reason of fight but they don’t sleep each other they sleep at single place and cuddle type like Tom and Jerry. Dad bring two because dad loves both. But they fight all day or night but they loved very much each other. One day they fight each other and a beautiful vase broken by their fight. After broken they fear and how to tell to dad and what ?

At evening dad came and see the vase is broken. Dad call them, both are stand with head down mode. But dad didn’t anger on him and dad said , why are you fear I m not angry upon you if you fight each other so my valuable items broken one by one. If you’re satisfied then I m not angry. Both are feeling shame and came to dad and licking dad’s hand. Dad taking both and hugged tight. Then both are decided we are live happily but don’t fight each other.

On or further they don’t fight each other and live very happily. Both are show kindness by using their unique talents to help each other.

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