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I must say that emergency plan very needs for now a days that disaster-related or any other issues related. So we must plan our beautiful lifestyle.

Create an emergency preparedness plan.

In my opinion, the main disaster is our Body & Health. If we are well so all are well. If we fall in sick or facing an unhappened situation so Then your family system will be completely broken.

So the best opinion of mine, we must take term life insurance because no one says tomorrow what happening.

so why not a pre-disaster plan for emergency purposes?  if I left then my family come on the road so I suggest must take Term life insurance.

If you have it before so you are a genius and salute to you from me.

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The another emergency plans for upcoming disaster like accident, instant health issues that the second emergency plan.

So my opinion the first options availed benefits your family after your gone. But this option is secured for your life.

It’s an example related both situation : Tomorrow you walking on road, suddenly you faced an accident by an uncontrolled car, if you are already taken any term insurance then that benefits to your family. if you are not doing any heath insurance and your are facing serious trauma conditions and like brain injury. so it’s must affected on your bank balance. At that time hospital demands lot of money for surgery.

That time you are fully unconscious or a Coma patient so that time your spouse or family treatment through out your health insurance if you are take a health insurance if not so that time what conditions occurred I don’t know. So why we cannot take a Health insurance for us.

The example take it like a story. I must pray to God for you that you live long. 

But unfortunately once happening so what to do??

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Take it’s serious, because I feel it and I the eye witnessed the types of situation. I seen A wife begging money some people, her friends for his husbands surgery but no one helped them even her own family raise hands, all are saying no money.

So it’s the mandatory for our life, and if the emergency plan like so hit the like buttons and give your opinion. Please.

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