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Full Form of CBRN

CBRN: Chemical Biological Radiology/Radiation Nuclear
SI Unit: System International Unit
MKS: Meter Kilo Second
CGS: Centimeter Gram Second
CPS: Count Per Second
Bq: Becquerel
HVL: Half Value Layer
TVL: Tenth Value Layer
NP: Neutron Proton
TDS: Time Distance and Shielding
BARC: Bhaba Atomic Research Centre
ALARA: As Low AS Reasonable Achievable
PM Tube: Photomultiplier Tube
GM Tube: Geiger Muller Tube
DRD: Direct Reading Dosimeter
TLD: Thermo Luminescent Dosimeter
ALSCINE Monitor: Alpha Scintillation Monitor
DPS: Disintegration Per Second
SSB: Single Strand Breaks
DSB: Double Strand Breaks
RBC: Red Blood Cells
WBC: White Blood Cells
AERB: Atomic Energy Regulatory Board
HSSE: Health Safety Security Environment
RDD: Radiological Dispersal Devices
AGSS: Ariel Gamma Spectrometers System
NAVIK: Navigation with Indian constellation
IRNSS: Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System
MAPS: Madras Atomic Power Station
TAPS: Tarapur Atomic Power Station
RAPS : Rajasthan Atomic Power Station
NAPS: Narora Atomic Power Station
KAPS: Kakrapur Atomic Power Station
KAIGA: Kaiga Atomic Power Station
TREM: Transport Emergency Card
DAE: Department of Atomic Energy
ERT: Emergency Response Team
NCMP: National Crisis Management Plan
CMG: Crisis Management Group
NMTE: Nuclear Material Transport Energy
RAM: Radio Active Material
TNT: Trinitrotoluene
IND: Improvised Nuclear Devices
PDA: Portable Decontamination Apparatus
PPE: Personal Protective Equipments
BTT: Break Through Time
HEPA: High Efficiency Particulate Aerosol
SCBA: Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
IAEA: International Atomic Energy Agency
NSG: Nuclear Supplier Group
Decon. : Decontamination
IPE: Individual Protective Equipments
MOPP: Mission Oriented Protective Posture
CAR: Contaminate Assembly Area
PPDU: Portable Personal Decontamination Unit
BWA: Biological Warfare Agent
CDCP: Centre’s for disease Control & Prevention
EHF: Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever
DRDO: Defense Research Development Organization
NCN: Nitrogen Cyanide
EPS: Electron Magnetic Pulse
OPCW: Organization for prohibition of chemical weapons
PPM: Particulate Per Million
CRDA: Cellular Respiration Damaging Agents
TCDP: Three Color Detection Paper
PDK: Process Design Kit
CUWA: Contaminate Unit Waiting Area
DUWA: De-Contaminate Unit Waiting Area
DRDE: Defence Research Development Establishment
MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheet
DS2: De-contamination Solution 2
RVD Kit: Residual Vapor Detection Kit
LEL: Low Explosive Limit
WPDK: Water Poison Detection Kit
PASS: Press/Pull the safety pin Aim the nozzle and base of the fire Squeeze the lever swipe the fire
REM: Roentgen Equivalent man
RAD: Radiation Absorbed Dose
NAPS: Nerve Agent Pre-Treatment Set
EV: Electron Volt
ERC: Emergency Response Centre
ERT: Emergency Response Team
RMT: Radiation Monitoring Team
RIT: Radiation Identification Team
AST: Aerial Survey Team
SRT: Source Recovery Team
AAT: Assembly and Advisory Team
MST: Medical Support Team
BIT: Bioassay Team
RPT: Radio pathology Team
BDT: Biodosimetry Team
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Information of NDRF


Hyperglycemia: Sugar (+ve) & Insulin(-ve)

Hypoglycemia: Sugar (-ve) & Insulin (+ve)

Ligament : Bone+Bone (Sprain)

Tendon : Bone+Muscle (Strain)

Triage: A French word that means “Pick” or “Sort”

Angina Pectoris: Chest Pain (Pre Stage of Blockage at Coronary Arteries)

Myocardial Infarction: Death of Heart (Full Blockage at Coronary Arteries)

In the 216 Species Snake which 52 Species are Venomous

Poisons: Ingestion, Inhalation, Absorption & Injection

Burns: Superficial, Partial & Full Thickness

Axial : 80 (Bones)

Appendicular :126 (Bones

Occlusive Dressing: Water Resistant(Sucking Wound)

Close Wound: RICE Method (PHT)

Avulsion: Skin Flap

Amputation : Cut The Body Part

Arteries : Bright Red Color

Veins : Coffee color

Capilary : Brick color

RPM [Adult: 12-20, Child: 15-30, Infant:25-50]

Pulse [Adult: 60-80, Child: 80-120, Infant :120-150]

Proximal: Close

Distal: Far

Supine: Face Up

Prone : Face Down

Expressive : Permission

Implied : Self Consent

Abandonment: Left Victim

Negligence : Doing Wrong


Squad: 01 Team Leader + 05 Rescuer

INSARAG : 1*1.2M Hazard Marking Size Board

Verbal: Talkative , Non-Verbal : Call Sign

Operation Phases :: 05

Operation Stages :: 06

Operation Steps :: 05

Diamond : Concrete

Carbide tip : Wood

Abrasive : Metal

Ceramic : Marble

RR Saw: 9.8kg

RP Saw: 3.5kg

Chain Saw : 6.8kg

Breaching Unit : 4.9kg

Pole Saw : 7.2 kg

Chipping Hammer : 11.4kg

Angle Cutter : 11.4kg

Rotary Hammer Drill: 2.9kg

Elect. Drill : 1.4kg

Cordless Hammar Drill : 3kg

VLC : 3.5kg

Honda Generator : 123.2kg

Smoke Ventilator : 60kg

Ram Set : (18.8,9.8kg)

Aska Light : 45kg

Hyd. Spreader Cutter: 13.7kg

Diamond Tip Chain Saw : 12.5kg


OBM : Power unit, Middle Unit, Tail Unit

3 type of IRB

Zenith – 1007kg



Tent: Pipe – 25(19+06),

Elbow – 06,

Square Angle-09,

Base Plate -06
Pipe – 25(19+06),

Elbow – 06,

Square Angle-09,

Base Plate -06


Caring capacity -500kg

Life jackets

Caring capacity – 105 to 120kg


Devide into 4 sides

Bow site – Bow men

Transom site – OBM

Port site – Coxywen

Star site – support

Morning rope-10MTR

D Ring -17 Nos.(Tide with outer lifeline)

Chamber – 5

Inflation deflation valve -4 + 1(air kill)

Caring handle – 6

Total air pressure -2.28 PSI (pounds per square inch)

1 bar-14.5 PSI

Marine coated plywood- Transoms Board

Upper aluminium plate- Transom plate

Drainage Valve – 2 Nos

Towing hook- 4 Nos

Including: Life jacket-10, Lifebuoy -4

Base plate – 4, 3: aluminium, 1:Marine coated plywood.

Ore assembly/Pocket – Chappu/Ore chamber

Storage Pocket – 2

IRB rubber material name – Hypoline fabric with nylon

Boat length – 4.2 mtr

Empty boat-75 kg to 80 kg


1. Mercury 25 hp: 71 kg(1.8 ltr Engine oil)

Gear oil : 280ml

2. Suzuki 30 hp– 72 kg(1.5 ltr Engine oil)

Gear oil : 330ml, model : DF30A

3. Mercury 30hp – 80 kg (1.8 ltr Engine oil)

Gear oil : 280ml

Rope Rescue

1. Ground Level

2. High Level

3. Low Level Rescue

Ground Level:

@ Single casualty Single Rescuer

@ Single Casualty Double Rescuer

Single Casualty Single Rescuer:

@ Fireman Lift

@ Pick a Bag

@ Reverse Pick A Bag
@ Cradle Method
@ Human Crunch
@ Rescue Crawl
@ Shirt Drag
@ Blanket Drag

Single Casualty Double Rescue

@ S Method

@ 2 Hand Method

@ 3 Hand method

@ 4 Hand Method

High Level Rescue

@ Ascending /Climbing

@ Descending/ Rappling

@ Crossing


@ 1st Class

@ 2nd Class

@ 3rd Class

@ Single Foot Hook Climbing

@ Double Foot Hook Climbing

@ Rope Climbing

@ Emergency Ladder Rescue

Descending/ Rappling

@ Seated Rappling

@ Stomach Rappling

@ Side Rappling

@ Flying Rappling


@ Sailor Crossing

@ Tyrelene Crossing

@ River Crossing

@ Monkey Crossing

Low Level Rescue

@ Rappling/Climbing

@ Come Along

Full Forms of NDRF

NDRF : National Disaster Response Force

NDMA : National Disaster Management Act/Authority

SDMA : State Disaster Management Act/ Authority

DDMA : District Disaster Management Act/ Authority

RRC: Regional Response Centre

CSSR : Collapsed Structure Search And Rescue

EWS : Early Warning System

CBRN : Chemical Biological Radiology Nuclear

IMD : Indian Meteorological Department

CWC : Central Water Commission

GSI : Geological Survey in India

INCOIS : Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services

DRDO : Defense Research and Development Organization

BPR : Bottom Pressure Recorder

DART: Deep Ocean Assessment and Reporting

ACWC – Area Cyclone Warning Centre

TWS : Tsunami Warning System

Wireless and Communication

HF : High Frequency

VHF : Very High Frequency

UHF : Ultra High Frequency

EHF : Extremely High Frequency

VSAT : Very Small Aperture Terminal

BGAN : Broadband Global Area Network

INMARSAT : International Maritime Satellite

QDA : Quick Deployment Antenna

ROT : Receive Only Terminals

ROIP : Radio Operate Internet Protocol

VOIP : Voice Of Internet Protocol

PSTN : Public Switch Telephone Network

MODEM : Modulation and De-Modulation

MBPS : Megabits Per Second

KBPS : Kilobits Per Second

GBPS : Gigabits Per Second

AM : Amplitude Modulation

FM : Frequency Modulation

EHF : Extremely High Frequency

DMR : Digital Mobile Radio

BOD : Based Bandwidth On Demand


DCH : Duck Over Hold

HVRC : Hazard Vulnerable Risk Capacity

PPE : Personal Protection Equipment

CPR : Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

IRS : Incident Response System

ICS : Incident Command System

ICP : Incident Command Post

IC : Incident Commander

SDMP: State Disaster Management Plan

DDMP: District Disaster Management Plan

SAR : Search and Rescue

MCI : Multi/Mass Causality Incidents

CAP : Community Awareness Programme

DIF : District Information Folder

NCMC : National Crisis Management Committee

DCE : Daily Class Evaluation

DBM : Dead Body Management

MFR : Medical First Responder

PFA: Psychological First Aid

ASD: Acute Stress Disorder

PTSD : Post Trauma Stress Disorder

NGO: Non- Governmental Organization

RRT : Rapid Response Team

CISM : Critical Incident Stress Management

TEAM : Together Everyone Achieves More

BLS: Basic Life Support

CVA: Cerebral Vascular Accident

PPT: Pre-Positioning Team

FWR: Flood Water Rescue

ADRC: Aquatic Disaster Response Course

TEA: Tools Equipment Accessories

PHT: Pre-Hospital Treatment

NFPA: National Fire Protection Act

CSF: Cerebro Spinal Fluid

INSARAG: International Search and Rescue Advisory Group

OSOCC: On Site Operations Coordination Centre

UNOCHA: United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

UNDAC: United Nation Disaster Assessment and Coordination

USAR: Urban Search and Rescue

BOO: Base of Operation

SEOC: State Emergency Operational Centre

DEOC: District Emergency Operational Centre

GDACS: Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System

LEMA: Local Emergency Management Authority

RDC: Reception and Departure Centre

ASR: Assessment Search and Rescue

RCM: Rapid Clearance Marking

BSI: Body Substance Isolation

BSA: Body Surface Area

IFD: Improvised Floating Devices

CAB : Circulation Airway Breathing

LLF: Look Listen Feel

AVPU: Alert Verbal Painful Unresponsiveness

RICE: Rest Ice Compress Elevate

SAMPLE: Sign and symptoms Allergies Medication Pertinent history Last oral intake Events

START: Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment

APGAR: Appearance Pulse Grimace Activity Respiratory efforts

RPSPBP: Respiration Pulse Skin Pupils Blood Pressure

PEARL: Pupils Equals And React on Light

RRT: Rapid Response Team

BPDOC: Bleeding Painful Deformity Open injury Crypts Sound

BPROD: Bleeding Painful Rigidity Open injury Deformity

CCT: Color Condition Temperature

DOTS: Deformity Open Injury Tenderness Sounds

SIPPOP: Scene Size Up Initial Assessment Physical Examination Patient History On Going Assessment Patient Hand of Report

RPM: Respiration/Rotation/Rate Per Minute

RPM: Respiration Perfusion Mental Status

LCSE: Lookout Communication Safety zone Escape route

SPM: Stroke Per Minute

BPM: Beat Per Minute

BLD: Blade Locking Device

IRB: Inflatable Rubberized Boat

OBM: Out Board Motor

EFI: Electric Fuel Injector

ECI: Emission Control Information

VST: Vapors Separate Tank

TMJ: Temporal Mandible Joint

EMS: Emergency Medical Services

TPI: Teeth Per Inch

VLC: Victim Location Camera

RUQ: Right Upper Quadrant

LUQ: Left Upper Quadrant

RLQ: Right Lower Quadrant

LLQ: Left Lower Quadrant

BPDOTS: Bleeding Painful Deformity Open Injury Tenderness Swelling

BPROTS: Bleeding Painful Rigidity Open Injury Tenderness Swelling

AED: Automated External Defibrillator

FBAO: Foreign Body Airway Obstruction

FB: Foreign Body

BVM: Bag Valve Mask

ODS: Oxygen Deliver System

FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency

NC: Nasal Cannula

NRB: Non- Rebreathe Mask

PSI: Pressure Per Square Inch

RA: Right Atrium

LA : Left Atrium

RV: Right Ventricle

LV: Left Ventricle

CA: Coronary Arteries

TV: Tricuspid Valve

PV: Pulmonary Valve

MV: Mitral Valve

AV: Aortic Valve

WBC: White Blood Cell

RBC: Red Blood Cell

PMS: Pulse Motor function Sensation

MSI: Muscular Skeleton Injuries

KTR: Knee Temporary Replacement

BSI: Body Substances Isolation

SARS: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

MERS: Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

BSA: Body Surface Area and Location

CHF: Congestive Heart Failure

COPD: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease

AQI: Air Quality Index

APGAR: Appearance Pulse Grimace Activity Respiratory Efforts

CNS: Central Nervous System

PNS: Peripheral Nervous System

MCI: Mass/Multi Casualty Incidents

SSP: Scene Size-up

CSO: CSSR Squad Organization

RS: Rescue Specialist

RSL : Rescue Specialist Logistic

SL: Squad Leader

OCHA: Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

DRB: Disaster Response Branch

IHM: Inspection Hole Maker

VLC: Victim Locating Camera

RHD : Rotary Hammer Drill

URM: Un-Reinforced Masonry

RM : Reinforced Masonry

PTT: Press To Talk

WFP : World Food Programme

ADRC: Aquatic Disaster Response Course

FRC: Flood Rescue Course

FWR: Flood Water Rescue

FRRM: Flood Rescue Relief Management

SWR: Swift Water Rescue

SWT: Swift Water Training

OBM: Out Board Motor

IRB: Inflatable Rubberized Boat

IBM: In- Board Motor

EFI: Electric Fuel Injector

ECI: Emission control information

AIM: Air Intake Monopole

VST: Vapor Separate Tank

IFD: Improvised Floating Device

PFD: Floating Device

UIAA: United International Alpine Association