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Information of NDRF


Hyperglycemia: Sugar (+ve) & Insulin(-ve)

Hypoglycemia: Sugar (-ve) & Insulin (+ve)

Ligament : Bone+Bone (Sprain)

Tendon : Bone+Muscle (Strain)

Triage: A French word that means “Pick” or “Sort”

Angina Pectoris: Chest Pain (Pre Stage of Blockage at Coronary Arteries)

Myocardial Infarction: Death of Heart (Full Blockage at Coronary Arteries)

In the 216 Species Snake which 52 Species are Venomous

Poisons: Ingestion, Inhalation, Absorption & Injection

Burns: Superficial, Partial & Full Thickness

Axial : 80 (Bones)

Appendicular :126 (Bones

Occlusive Dressing: Water Resistant(Sucking Wound)

Close Wound: RICE Method (PHT)

Avulsion: Skin Flap

Amputation : Cut The Body Part

Arteries : Bright Red Color

Veins : Coffee color

Capilary : Brick color

RPM [Adult: 12-20, Child: 15-30, Infant:25-50]

Pulse [Adult: 60-80, Child: 80-120, Infant :120-150]

Proximal: Close

Distal: Far

Supine: Face Up

Prone : Face Down

Expressive : Permission

Implied : Self Consent

Abandonment: Left Victim

Negligence : Doing Wrong

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Acronyms of NDRF

NDRF : National Disaster Response Force

NDMA : National Disaster Management Act/Authority

SDMA : State Disaster Management Act/ Authority

DDMA : District Disaster Management Act/ Authority

RRC: Regional Response Centre

CSSR : Collapsed Structure Search And Rescue

EWS : Early Warning System

CBRN : Chemical Biological Radiology Nuclear

IMD : Indian Meteorological Department

CWC : Central Water Commission

GSI : Geological Survey in India

INCOIS : Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services

DRDO : Defense Research and Development Organization

BPR : Bottom Pressure Recorder

DART: Deep Ocean Assessment and Reporting

ACWC – Area Cyclone Warning Centre

TWS : Tsunami Warning System

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