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FB Friends

How many friends are you connected with on your own Facebook ID? At least more than 500 and some 1000.
Tell me that despite having so many friends, how many friends are there for you in your time of need.

What is the reason why there are so many friends??

• It can only see your activities. You can take reports from time to time wherever you go.

• How many friends ask you about your condition? Not a single one according to me.

• Neither will try to ask you about your problem.

• Even if you tell your problem, they ignore you by looking at it.

• Actually it is a pretend friends.

• Friends are not there to help you at the time of your need, but to turn away with a smile at the time of your need.

• There are some friends who will ask for your help, but they will only ask about your well-being, after knowing your real problem, they will go offline from there.

• And there are some friends who will call you as soon as they see your problem on the post, but they will talk for a couple of minutes just to shed tears, just to feel your sorrow and not to help you.

• So what’s the point of having so many friends who don’t even stand by you.
• It is better to keep a good friend in life than a friend of show off, who would be an equal sharer in your sorrows and happiness.
• This is an article, this article was meant to show the importance of friends in the world.
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Fruits in Odia language

कुछ फल को ओड़िया में क्या बोलते हैं और बोलने की तरकीब ,

Some fruits called in Odia and how to speak them,

1. Apple : सेब : ସେଓ (सेओ)
2. Banana: केला : କଦଳୀ (कदली)
3. Mango : आम : ଆମ୍ବ (आंब)
4. Orange : संतरा : କମଳା (कमला)
5. Grapes : अंगूर : ଅଙ୍ଗୁର (अंगूर)
6. Papaya : पपीता : ଅମୃତ (अमृत)
7. Guava : अमरूद : ପିଜୁଳି (पिजुली)
8. Water melon : तरबूज : ତରଭୁଜ (तरबूज)
9. Pineapple : अनानास : ସପୁରୀ ପଣସ (सपुरी पनस)
10. Black berry : जामुन : ଜାମ କୋଳି (जाम कोली)

I am a sea rock

I am a sea rock
lying at an unknown address on the beach
But this sea has not forgotten me
No, never forget me
Because the salt water touch me like
The sound of the clock ticking

Who at every moment
Washes me and cleans me every time
To my whole body
How many give way to snails
Even I never myself
Don’t feel cursed…

I am very happy for me
I don’t want to be a name-caller.
Until today
My place is very strange
Who sits down thinking of me as a seat?
And how many snails make their homes.

It has been lying here for years
I don’t know how long you will stay like this
But I have not lost the lies of this world
In the complaint, I had not been defeated by the world.

I am a sea rock
To endure hardships
I have practiced it
No, I am human and experience hardship
Never happen to me
I am a sea rock.
I am a sea rock.

Written by Nilamadhab Bhuyan…

There are two types of people who are proud of money

1. One who earns by lying and deceit procedure.

How ??

There are people whose only job is to lie and cut money and do little and have a lot of art to earn more. They are certainly guilty of sin, but they have no money. In the end, he loses money due to illness, but he does not stop lying. No one can ever leave, and they are almost stingy. But the importance of this money does not last long.

2. Whose father, or grandparents, has more wealth.

There will also be people who do not have resources of their own who can earn wealth by doing something. If he has shown his participation in his father’s business and grandfather’s immense wealth to others. The interest in that money also lasts for a few days. After that, like the sand of the sea. He also gradually dries up. In the end, only the body survives.

Never brag about your money. There is no money, nor will there ever be. Money never lasts forever. He will come and go. And never stay with a boastful person.

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Respect is bigger or money ??

Relationships, where money is more important than relationships didn’t last long.

It is truly ironic in this world where a man looks for good relationships but relatives only look for money.

How long will it take for this money? Money has never existed or will exist.

If they have it, they cannot enjoy it, and if they don’t, then they beg for money again.

God also gives birth to a good relationship through money in some cruel places but that relationship is full of hypocrisy and greed.

For a few days, it goes well, but within a few days, the relationship begins to deteriorate.

In every case, only money is given priority. In the end, people become desperate to strengthen the relationship.

Even if he wanted to do something, he could not do it. All roads are closed.

The rest of the relatives near the eyes seem like normal events, but the wise man will tell anyone, it’s sad.

Finally, his very own person calls him useless and compares him just for a few bucks. Their lovely person made a mistake in recognizing his true identity.

Money is really big before human identity?? Are identity and honor nothing here??

Everyone has experienced this incident in their way. Someone can tell and someone hides?

What happens then? If he gradually changes over time, then it is good, otherwise, he can never know the good.

The person reading this message has also been a victim of such behavior in his relationship sometimes.

What will you do? Everyone here gives priority to money, how can you give importance to yourself?

So what should be done to such a person?? Or what needs to be introduced?? What name should be given to such a person?? Where only money is important instead of relationships.

. . .

Now leave your opinion in the comment box of this message without revealing your name. On my behalf, I urge you to force yourself to put together the words that are in your mind.

Also, share this with the people you want to reach about this message.

The moment is yours, don’t delay in commenting.

Good Friends

Two friends lived in a village. They were very close friends. One is the Akash and the other is the Raj. Who could not live without seeing someone for a day? They go to school together every day, sit together and play together. The Raj does evil, but the Akash always tells him, “The Raj does not do this,” and the Akash always forbids him. The raj never listens to the Akash and the raj does not help the Akash with any problem. Akash was very brave. After the annual examination of the fifth standard, summer vacation started. Akash can’t swim in water but the Raj always says hey don’t be afraid come in the water I will teach you. Like a swimmer, if he leaves me in the middle of the water without teaching me, I will drown, he is never afraid of this. One day the Raj obeyed and the Akash went into the water. The Raj first held her hand and taught her but then let her go into deep water. The Akash does not touch his legs in the earth. The Raj came to the shore of the pond, changed his clothes, and left to go home. The Akash was screaming, save me, save me, but the Raj did not look back and walked towards the house. After some time, after trying hard and drinking some pond water, he reached the pond shore. Akash did not get angry with the Raj or tell anyone about this.

After a few days, Sunday came. The Raj said, “Come on, there is a jam tree near the forest. Go and eat.” Despite Akash’s refusal, the Raj dragged him away. Everyone is at home when it is sunny. Both of them reached the jam tree near the forest. There is jam but too much. Some of the children

fell on the ground and he gathered them and ate them, but he wanted to eat more. The Raj saw some stones lying nearby, he picked up the stones and hit the tree, but there was nothing. At this time, Raj’s stones fall into the nearby bushes and sometimes go into the forest. After some time, hearing their noise and the sound of falling stones, two wolves came. Seeing the wolf, both of them got scared, and both of them started running to opposite sides. Wolves also started chasing him. After a short distance, the Raj tripped over a stone and fell, hitting his head and fainting. The Raj who runs before the sky does not know how to speak. Suddenly, without hearing a sound from their backside, when he looked back, Raj was far away and the wolves surrounded him and were biting Raj’s legs and hands. Seeing this, Akash was very scared, he went out to run but he could not run. On one side is the fear of the wolf and on the other side is the life of the Raj. He decided that I should save Raj’s life but there was a lot of fear in his heart. Akash gathered his courage and ran towards the wolves screaming, picking up the stones nearby, and started hitting them. Until then, the wolves were not going away, but because of the repeated hitting of stones, the wolves were left in fear. The Akash began to lift the Raj.

After a few minutes, Raj’s parents came and the wolf remembered the words and started to get scared. Akash said the wolves are gone. The Raj asked Akash how did you see me when you were running ahead. Akash said after you fainted the wolves started biting you. I was afraid but I came back for your life because you are my best friend. Hearing this, Raj asked Akash, you are my true friend. The Raj said if you wanted you could have left me and today my life was saved by you. Then both of them came to the village, Raj’s father heard this and thanked Akash and Raj took medicine and an injection and after a few days, he was fine. Later, the relationship between the two families became very close. The Raj never leaves the Akash alone. Lived together all the time. They always helped each other.

What can be learned from this story??
1. It is not permissible to commit adultery with someone that causes harm to others.
2. You should always help in times of trouble.
3. Do not have bad feelings towards anyone.

Even So,

Even so,

There are smiles and tears.

Losing its form sometimes,

Whether in the storm of hope or the tide of dreams

The intact remains intact

Distorted forms of depression,

Ever since the sea Crying.

to touch the sky,

And faint memories arise

In the cold touch of tears…

Every wave of my naked heart

How golden are the memories of dreams

The irony is this

All around my thick poison…

Excruciating pain and other pains

Gets up

Devoted at what time


The voice of madness so tender as to bleed….


An eye for full of eye
Even while asleep
Eyes turning
He is sleepy.

Eyes widened
Sees again and again
Mobile time.

No one’s opinion on time
He is the unbounded path
passes through

A sphere
Rub back the thorns
Turned around in a series of dreams.

Looking forward to the future
And now
After a while the past
will turn into
He kept saying.

He continued to move in one direction
Which is a true instrument
What time is not ours
Gives evidence of weakness..

Author: Nilamadhab

Friend ya lover

Hello, friends tried to write something different today…
In other words, this question arises in the mind of some, but no one asks or no one can ask…
I started writing a little bit last night a close friend of mine “Santosh Kumar” asked again about this. Then I gave him the complete information about this question.

My friend was satisfied with this information. Hope you also get satisfaction from this information.
So let’s go….

I am Nilamadhab and welcome back to my blog let’s start today’s content.
The question is:
Can a lover become a friend?????
There are many answers but I will try to explain them in brief…
The root cause of all this is greed.
How and what?
You will know the answer gradually.

• First, a friend can become a lover, but a lover can never become a friend.

• Generally speaking, there is complete dependence on the person holding the relationship.

• He is sometimes worried about how he will try to restore the relationship.

• Will he accept her as a friend or as a lover?

• If the relationship has taken the form of love, then the work of a good friend is done.

• A romantic relationship begins. We may call that relationship friendship to express it to others but the truth is that it is love.

• It is not bad to give him the gift of a friend, but love for him is built up in the heart. How to consider him a friend??

• Yes, it is possible if we can change our state of mind and emotions before we get too far into it.

• Then the boyfriend can get rid of the relationship and maintain the friendship relationship.

• But the eternal truth is that friends become lovers. He misses the importance of his friend.

• We can’t get rid of our boyfriends even after a thousand tries.

• In the end he has to break up the relationship or some reasons break it.

• It means that this is the last stage of the relationship. If it goes further than that there will be a fight or some wrong steps will be started.

• Then the wrong step is not the solution. So the best way is to come to an agreement and not allow the relationship he loves to continue.

• If he is a friend, try to make him a friend.

• There will be no problems in the relationship of friends.

• From the beginning, one of the root causes of all these things is “greed”.

• Greed is less in friendship and more in love.

• That is why it is said in the scriptures that greed is harmful, if not the door to death.

• Yes there is lust for a friend but much less lust for a lover.

• It is not only the person’s fault. There are also many mistakes of the lover.

• Because the person sees the relationship as a friend.

• Then he (the lover) forces this relationship to change into love or forces the person to name the love affair.

• Here lust is aroused from both sides. If someone has less, someone has more.

• But it takes the form of love and becomes a lover. Not a friend.

That’s all there is to this fact
As you can see, there is only one word in this data that changes the relationship.
That is “greed”.
Less greedy friends!!
If more lust arises, love!!

So I hope you like the information.
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@@@thank you@@@

Credit card

This is such an organisation which is neither yours nor fully connected with any bank.

Yes, they give you money at the time of your need. That much is the truth.

But before using it, it is necessary to pay attention to some things.

It will hook you. Will not give a chance to be free.

Keeping a credit card outstanding or due is equal to not utilising the money properly.

If you are not using it, then it is considered right to close it soon.

Credit cards should be taken when your monthly income is more than thirty thousand.

Never take loan unnecessarily on credit card.

Never take my advice also but,

If there is more need then take a loan with the help of another bank even to purchase your own house and for your studies.

The less you use the credit card, the more tension free you will be.
Never sacrifice your credit card for a friend.

Think 100 times before choosing the EMI option, it would be better to make full payment and not choose EMI.

Try to deposit the full amount instead of the minimum due for this month.

Never be happy to see the credit card limit.

Because more limit creates the thought of spending more.

Don’t depend on credit cards to bail you out of bad times.

The time will come in such a way that it will drown you. No one else will support.

For a small credit card, the rest of the loan company may refuse to give you the loan at the time of your need.

Think of making your payment on time, delay will lead to your worst time.

If you do not earn, then never take a credit card even by mistake.

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I am very sad and my mind becomes restless

When I Knew you wouldn’t come…..

I can’t say come and meet me

Control has a lot on my mind…

But it was hard for me to hold back the tears

At the end of a month

I wanted to see you

I was sad but I didn’t say it

Did you have a lot of faith in your heart?

that you will come??


I was amazed that day

After seeing you!!

Couldn’t hold back my tears of joy….

It was like coming from a dream

I knew by physical touch

That you came??

All the sorrows in the heart arose

I ran to you.

Tears broke down…

The limit of happiness has crossed….

I found out that day!

To every word of my heart

Do you understand….

You in that strange situation

I watched with full of heart….

The man of my heart is before me

The feeling was true.

Every surprise for you is for me

Has brought the light of happiness

And you are a surprise for me

It remains an unforgettable memory.

By. Rubi Nahak


A man goes to a rickshaw puller with heavy luggage. Rickshaw puller age will be around 50. Many people ask him how much money he will get to go to the metro. Rickshaw puller speaks for 20 rupees. But from there battery rickshaw costs Rs 10. This man said to that rickshaw driver that please take 10 rupees. he could easily reach the metro on foot; he had a lot of time. There was no battery rickshaw there. Seeing the stuff, the person became a little lazy. The man stepped forward and while leaving, the sound of Rickshaw puller again came from behind. How much will you give brother? That person said that I will give 10 rupees, Rickshaw puller said please give 15 rupees, I am standing for a long time, I have not found any person for going metro. If you walk with my puller, so i will get 10-20 rupees. Seeing the face of that person rickshaw, said Uncle, if you take 10 rupees, then come on or else I will leave the battery rickshaw. Seeing the heavy stuff, Rickshaw puller said yes and said, let’s give 10 rupees sir. The man sat in the rickshaw and after walking some way an old lady was walking. Rickshaw puller told that the person to sit down mother. To make that old woman sit, Rickshaw puller asked permission from that person. The old lady was made to sit on the permission of the person. There was a lot of crowds on the way. From there the distance of the metro station will be around 1 km. Rickshaw puller, giving voice to the crowd, was taking his rickshaw forward. Sometimes he used to get down from the rickshaw and sometimes when the way was clear, he used to pedal again in the rickshaw and take it forward. It was 6 o’clock in the evening. The weather was normal but not hot. The person noticed that Rickshaw puller was getting very tired. Actually, he had worked hard.

Was about to reach the metro station. The person asked Rickshaw puller, uncle Jee, how much do you earn in a day. So, Rickshaw puller said, “What should I tell, sir, these batteries rickshaw have been stopped in our business. Sometimes it is 1000, sometimes it is 500 and sometimes it is also 100 with great difficulty. So, the person again questioned, who lives in your house? So, Rickshaw puller replied a little sadly. Me and my wife”. The person asked whether there is no son or daughter? Rickshaw puller replied “What can I tell sir, everyone has become selfish. The son lives outside with the daughter-in-law and the daughter used to come sometimes, nowadays even the sow does not come. What does the son do, again the person asked? In response, Rickshaw puller has worked as a laborer and lives at a distance of one kilometer from my house. Again, the person was strong that he could stay with you, why do you live outside. Rickshaw pullers came with tears in his eyes and replied that “daughter-in-law does not like to drive a rickshaw and she does not like with living with him. That’s why he stays outside”. I have a compulsion; it is going to be 20 years from today while driving a rickshaw. How do I leave this business?

By then the metro station had reached. The person asked Rickshaw puller how much happened? Rickshaw puller said, “Give me what you want to give sir.” The person said 10 rupees, right? So, Rickshaw puller said “ok Babuji” give it. The person asked again how much? Rickshaw puller said if you give 15 it will be good. The person said we had a talk 10 that you are speaking 15 again. After saying this, the person took out Rs 100 and gave it to the Rickshaw puller, Rickshaw puller took out some coins and notes from her pocket. The person asked how much have you earned today? Rickshaw puller replied that the amount of money in my hand! That’s the only income. The person asked how much this is, Rickshaw puller counted and told that Rs 335 / – has been earned since morning till now. The person tells the Rickshaw puller ok all of this you will take it, Rickshaw puller said no sir, i will return rest of amount except my charge. The person smiled a little and said again, keep this 100 / – rupees. It’s 100 rupees less for the hard work you put in. After listening to this, Rickshaw puller looked astonished and kept looking. The next moment Rickshaw puller had a smile on his face. Maybe the person wanted to see Rickshaw puller smile. Rickshaw puller saluted the person with folded hands and said thank you sir. May all your wishes come true and wherever you are, may God keep you well. The person also thanked him and started moving forward.

The person went a little further and saw that the other Rickshaw hair was pointing towards that person and was saying something and was looking at 100 rupees again and again. As if his happiness has doubled. The person was saluted from a distance by Rickshaw puller. The man went towards the metro station.
Friends, even today some people live in the world where they like to donate happily for a smile of the poor. Many people could have come from that rickshaw by paying 10 or 15 rupees. I don’t know why such pity came in the mind of that person.
Do a lot in the world but you get the blessings of a poor man, don’t you? So, you are a lucky man. In front of this blessing, even the biggest of valuables will fall short. No matter how much money you spend, you cannot buy the kindness and blessings of the poor. Donating with your wish is also a virtue. After donating you will definitely get happiness, it is my feeling.

If you like this post, then share it with everyone.

Thank you

Are You Happy With Your Daily Life??

Are you happy with your daily life??
I know you can answer my question with YES or NO.
We all know what is the real truth?

The truth is that longing never ends in human life.

I will also say that some people are very happy with their daily lifes Because they have already found a way to live their daily lives.
If you are also happy, then I pray to God that you will always be this happy.
But some people are very sad There are some people who become very sad after seeing a happy person. If you are living a happy life then some people must be jealous after seeing you.

One reason for this is “Greed”.

This craving has become a part of our life Along with the organs, it has become a habit of our daily life.

In this greedy life, people become sad instead of happy when they see others.
They spend their days in worry.
Like thinking about how much they will earn. The biggest concern is how much to spend.

The reason for this concern is “money”.
Because we have to save some money for our future
And by saving money, we strive to live happily with our future

But we cannot find happiness.
Can’t you be happy with what you are earning today???
I would say you can be happy and stay happy but some people cannot experience this happiness

I would say if you have little money then try to be happy with that little money.
Still you are looking for happiness, so I can’t say when you will find this happiness?

But I would say again that you can go ahead with the money you have now and find ways to be happy with that little wealth.
Abandon envy and lust.

I would say you can definitely feel the happiness.

Try to incorporate this rule into your lifestyle and you will surely feel happy

Thank you….
By Nilamadhab…

Are you worried too?

• Don’t worry too much about the problem.

• Problems will come and in time the cure will come out.

• No matter how big the problems are, there is a solution somewhere for all problems.

• Don’t get discouraged by the problem.

• Don’t turn the problem into a thought, take it as a normal task.

• Will see that problem will also seem simple.

• So are you also facing such problems?

• Are you also unable to find the solution to the problem??

(So ​​follow my simple path and the problem may be solved.)

What to do??

1. If possible sit in your puja room or temple with a calm mind.

2. Close your eyes for a while and remember only the face of your God.

3. After some time devotion must be awakened in the mind.

4. Forget yourself, your family, your friends for a while.

5. This is only for a short time.

6. You will surely feel peaceful.

7. Do not open your eyes.

8. Now imagine that!!
How did the problem arise?
Did you get it wrong?
how did it happen
What would have been right?

9. Try to find the answers to all the questions.
Yes still not found solution.

10. So think about who is the companion, who is the teacher, who will have the solution!

11. Think about what to ask him!

12. I hope all your problems will be solved in that temple courtyard or puja room.

13. Now open your eyes, bow down to your God and feel to solve the problem.

14. Yes, if there is no temple near you, you must have a house of worship in your house!

15. You can sit in peace.

16. Do not keep mobile with you during that time. Will switch off if possible.

17. One thing to note is to forget your pride and arrogance while looking for a solution.

18. The irony of saying is that the problem could not be solved by you, but you are trying to find a way to solve it.

19. Hope this great post gives you some direction!

20. If you don’t have any such mentor then you can message me through contact form.

I hope from the above points will helps to came out your problem easily.

Thank you.

Momos (Short Story)

Jay Babu is a police officer. He is currently holding the post of Habildar. One day during patrolling in the market, he saw that a new fast food shop had opened. Jay Babu is a picky eater. I don’t mean money eater!!! His first choice is to worship a full stomach. But do not eat at home. Because his wife is a Anganvadi member with Number one miser. Doesn’t feed them satisfied at home. They say if you eat too much you will get fat and I don’t like that. Disregarding a woman’s words is tantamount to inviting trouble. Then it would be better if the wife did not give me what happened. I m eating outside as my choice.

It was evening, Jai Babu’s nose was filled with the smell of momos. Once he went to Delhi to work as a any police case and he could not forget the smell of momos ever since he ate them. Seeing the momos in front of my eyes made my mouth water.

Sanjay, the owner of the fast food asked, what do you eat sir ?? Jai Babu pointed his finger at Momos. Sanjay served two plates momos. Jai Babu was so happy in his mind, indeed these momos are more delicious than Delhi momos and he happily came and paid as much money as he had. He also told Sanjay. I will not eat for free but treat me well. Sanjay is also happy.

From that day forward whether Jai Babu is on duty or not. He performed duty at fast food shop every day. This went on for about 5 months. No matter how much the wife controlled his diet at home, Jay Babu continued to gain weight and started having stomach problems.

Suddenly, one day Jay Babu was on duty and started screaming loudly holding his stomach. All the staff in the police station were scared. Immediately the ambulance arrived. He was admitted to the medical center and the doctor told him why Jay Babu had such a bad stomach. It was found in the scan. Some food is stuck in your intestines. Jai Babu’s anxiety increased. He immediately remembered. Wasn’t it because of the momos?
Doctor Babu said. Tomorrow to do a little operation and remove all of dirty.
The operation was also successful and some more money was spent. Doctor Babu said that it will take a few months to fully recover. Doctor Babu said, Jay Babu again birth a new life. Doctor said Eat fast food but you don’t need to eat in limit but you eat momos every time for lunch and dinner and because of that you are in this condition today.

From then on Jay Babu also remained cautious. And broke up his love for Momos and started a new life. On the other hand, every day at home, the wife used some excuse or the other to approach the momos. Jay Babu was sitting with his hand on his head, what else should he say? You have to hear what you did wrong.

So you say that Jay Babu’s bad habits were fatal and aren’t you also a fast food lover?? If yes then be careful. Don’t get into trouble like Jay Babu.

Be careful….

This is an entertainment based story, we do not aim to promote and de – promote any food and fast food.

Thank you.