Are you damaging your mobile yourself??

It is wrong to say that no one has a mobile in today’s world, I.e. Android and Apple etc.
Because in today’s world, if you don’t have a mobile, you don’t have anything.

So according to the title we need to know what to focus on mobile. A few points to note. If you don’t pay then you are likely to lose your mobile soon as possible. So refer to the below points.
• Charge the mobile-only in its original charger.
• Do not charge with any other charger available in the market.
• Do not use battery saver apps and fast-charge apps. Because nowadays all mobiles have battery saver option, go to settings and turn it on.
• Don’t wait for mobile 2% & 3% charge and don’t charge again after 90% charge.
• many friends sleep with their mobiles charged throughout the night. Because you can’t guess how many hits he is taking when his mobile charges overnight.
• Do not charge the nearby refrigerator. Because it emits heat and the effect of the electric wave is higher.
• Do not charge in a very cold AC room.
• Charge the mobile in a place where the temperature is constant.
• Use a power bank only in case of emergency. Because using too much power bank affects the battery of your mobile.
• Do not bury hardback covers, Because the mobile cannot find a proper way to dissipate its heat. So you cannot always remove the cover and charge. So do not install the hardcover and any metal material attached to the cover. Because the magnetic energy in the mobile is exchanged, resulting in a slow network and charging problems.
• If your mobile has a low battery then turn off the network and other applications after using the mobile and activate the battery saver.
• Most friends put their mobile phones under their pillows and go to sleep at night. Don’t do it at all. You know very well what happens when it gets too hot.

So it is important to take care of the mobile, occasionally clean it with a little sanitiser and clean the cover with a separate hand wash.

Do not sleep with your mobile close to your head at night. Try to sleep at least 1 meter away.

So these were some cautionary messages that must help you extend the life of your battery.

If you do not pay attention to all these things, your mobile may deteriorate quickly.

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