Some past moments..

Once we all went to some special duty for internal security. After about one and a half months of duty, we returned from there. We all came and reached Jammu railway station. It is almost 7 pm. Our officer told us to eat at the hotel whoever feels good.

We all went out to eat at shiv market at a nearby railway station. Our three friends Shankar, Pradeep and me reached the Shiva market. We reached a hotel. When we asked what you served for food, he said that you can freely have roti and rice and whatever you eat anything else will cost a penny. We thought we should eat less. We all sat but my friend Pradeep’s question was how many rotis served are there for free. The hotel owner thought to himself how much to eat, at least 5-7 Rotis. We all ordered a plate each. Pradeep asked again how many rotis to give on the plate. The owner of the hotel said in a rude voice, “Please sit down?” You will give as much as you eat. Pradeep asked again. Will you give that much? The owner nodded again.
Pradeep said to both of us. From today, this hotel owner will not give free Roti to anyone further. Everyone is going out hungry. We first had three pieces of roti then Shankar and I asked for one more roti each last time but Pradeep asked for two.
On the other hand, the roti was heated and served immediately. One was making the roti and the other was heating it in the fire oven and giving it to us.
The hotel owner was happy. He thought that he had asked ten times that they would continue to eat innumerable pieces of roti and the innkeeper’s feeling was right and that was it. After eating two or four rotis, we washed our hands and sat at the table again, but Pradeep did not finish eating.
We both waited for Pradeep. He again asked for two rotis. The owner also brought two roti again. There was no shadow of grief in the hotel owner’s mind until then but when Pradeep once again ordered two rotis. The hotel owner seemed to be a little sad. By that time Pradeep had already eaten 9 Rotis. After exactly a minute, Pradeep again asked for two rotis. This time, the owner and two other people got sad in their minds and stared at us with big eyes, he could not say but he had to because by looking at our faces, he thought he would eat less but contrary to the idea of the hotel owner, it was visible that we were hungry. And Pradeep ordered two rotis. The hands of the two people working in the hotel were getting a little slow.
They were forced to think why we said that roti and rice are free. Pradeep ate 19 Rotis by doing two such two. After eating, the hotel owner was looking at Pradeep with an angry face. As much as the price of money was already mentioned, money gave to the owner, According to the law, the hotel owner has spoken and if he does not speak, it will be bad and the hotel owner was also forced to remain silent. We also came back laughing. Pradeep said to the two of us that it was wrong to call him free. The hotel owner and the two of them stared us around.
Three months after that incident. I was coming to the village on leave. At that time, due to the train delay of two hours, I again went to Shiva Market to eat something in the evening. Then I reached that hotel again. Then the hotel owner saw me and started asking if my friend has not come today. I gave a small smile and said “No”

he didn’t come. I asked how much is the rate for one plate. He told me the rate that day but there was only four roti. I asked with a small smile that last time we came roti and rice were free and now there is no free?? The hotel owner said, a few days after you had already eaten that day, the rate of everything increased and it would not be profitable to give it free, so I changed it to the menu. I thought to myself. Perhaps the hotel owner changed his mind after eating on the past days.

I ate only four rotis from there and came out with a small smile and called Pradeep and said that because of you the hotel owner has withdrawn the free. Pradeep also said he will never forget me.
So something special happened to me.

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