Respect is bigger or money ??

Relationships, where money is more important than relationships didn’t last long.

It is truly ironic in this world where a man looks for good relationships but relatives only look for money.

How long will it take for this money? Money has never existed or will exist.

If they have it, they cannot enjoy it, and if they don’t, then they beg for money again.

God also gives birth to a good relationship through money in some cruel places but that relationship is full of hypocrisy and greed.

For a few days, it goes well, but within a few days, the relationship begins to deteriorate.

In every case, only money is given priority. In the end, people become desperate to strengthen the relationship.

Even if he wanted to do something, he could not do it. All roads are closed.

The rest of the relatives near the eyes seem like normal events, but the wise man will tell anyone, it’s sad.

Finally, his very own person calls him useless and compares him just for a few bucks. Their lovely person made a mistake in recognizing his true identity.

Money is really big before human identity?? Are identity and honor nothing here??

Everyone has experienced this incident in their way. Someone can tell and someone hides?

What happens then? If he gradually changes over time, then it is good, otherwise, he can never know the good.

The person reading this message has also been a victim of such behavior in his relationship sometimes.

What will you do? Everyone here gives priority to money, how can you give importance to yourself?

So what should be done to such a person?? Or what needs to be introduced?? What name should be given to such a person?? Where only money is important instead of relationships.

. . .

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