I am a sea rock

I am a sea rock
lying at an unknown address on the beach
But this sea has not forgotten me
No, never forget me
Because the salt water touch me like
The sound of the clock ticking

Who at every moment
Washes me and cleans me every time
To my whole body
How many give way to snails
Even I never myself
Don’t feel cursed…

I am very happy for me
I don’t want to be a name-caller.
Until today
My place is very strange
Who sits down thinking of me as a seat?
And how many snails make their homes.

It has been lying here for years
I don’t know how long you will stay like this
But I have not lost the lies of this world
In the complaint, I had not been defeated by the world.

I am a sea rock
To endure hardships
I have practiced it
No, I am human and experience hardship
Never happen to me
I am a sea rock.
I am a sea rock.

Written by Nilamadhab Bhuyan…