FB Friends

How many friends are you connected with on your own Facebook ID? At least more than 500 and some 1000.
Tell me that despite having so many friends, how many friends are there for you in your time of need.

What is the reason why there are so many friends??

• It can only see your activities. You can take reports from time to time wherever you go.

• How many friends ask you about your condition? Not a single one according to me.

• Neither will try to ask you about your problem.

• Even if you tell your problem, they ignore you by looking at it.

• Actually it is a pretend friends.

• Friends are not there to help you at the time of your need, but to turn away with a smile at the time of your need.

• There are some friends who will ask for your help, but they will only ask about your well-being, after knowing your real problem, they will go offline from there.

• And there are some friends who will call you as soon as they see your problem on the post, but they will talk for a couple of minutes just to shed tears, just to feel your sorrow and not to help you.

• So what’s the point of having so many friends who don’t even stand by you.
• It is better to keep a good friend in life than a friend of show off, who would be an equal sharer in your sorrows and happiness.
• This is an article, this article was meant to show the importance of friends in the world.
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