Ant Friends

One day an ant was floating in the river water. A bird sitting on a tree saw that the ant had to be saved. Without delay, he tore a leaf and threw it in the water, so that the ant took in the leaf and survived the river water by clinging to it, and the two became close friends. A few days later a hunter came and saw the bird and thought to kill it. As he was going to shoot the bird, suddenly the bird’s companion ant bit his leg so that the gunshot did not hit the bird and the bird survived.

I read this story from a textbook of the fifth grade at my school.

Similarly, sometimes very small friends also come in handy. That’s why the saying goes that even if you don’t find your equal, always creates ant friends . The ant friends will come in handy in times of trouble.

Do you have any ant friends like that? Someone who has helped you in times of trouble that you will never forget.

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By Nilamadhab Bhuyan