Such a Friend

One a day my friend needed some money. She told me her problem and I helped her with the money I asked for to solve the problem quickly and it was solved in time.

As a promise, she said that I will return all your money next month.  I said not next month but pay after one month but I need full money because I had to buy some things after two months.

Two months passed by and I remembered to call the friend who had asked me to return the money.

I rang the phone to talk.  But it was only ringed and cut at the end.  I rang not once but more than 10 times but there was no answer.

After all i send a message on WhatsApp.  That too saw the message and remained silent without replying.  I was shocked as to what to do.  Meanwhile, I had to pay for some urgent work.  But that was not possible.

Always texting and she doesn’t respond to my messages.  It has been two years since two months.  But she did not want to return the money.  One day I saw her but at that time she was saddened and kept quiet.  And she told me again very soon I will return the money.

Then I remained silent as to what to say.  Nothing can be called a friend.  And I’m angry seeing her ignoring what should I do???

Tell me in the comments what steps should be taken for such a friend.