King Yama’s Messenger (Short story)

By the time I went to sleep that night, it was midnight. The mosquito net was ready to sleep. There is no question of getting up early in the morning because the Next day is Sunday. I put my mobile on the table 2 feet away and fell asleep.
After about 1 hour suddenly a grasshopper came and sat near my ear and my sleep was disturbed. I tried to grab the grasshopper and pull it out but she is holding my skin so tightly that she doesn’t want to let go of me. I felt that if I pulled too hard, my skin would shrivel up with the jingle. I gave up but I was afraid that she might bite me and I might get some infectious disease. I tried again but failed. Now I thought I can’t do it anymore.

I sat up. Suddenly I heard someone saying something
“What did you lose?? Failed to try?? “
I looked around the bed in fear, there was no one. Other friends are deep sleeping. Fear arose in my mind. He asked again “Didn’t you find me?”
I asked who are you, she said in a low voice “I am sitting next to your ear?”
To tell you the truth, I was so scared that my body began to sweat, and I started shaking with fear.
My mouth trembled, I asked again in a half-hearted voice, “Who are you, go away??”
On my questions, she said, “Do you want to know why have I come here? I must go, but I will take something with me?” But you have to obey whatever I say and do it??”
I said no!!! I won’t obey anything?
She said with a smile, “you have to obey you.”
I asked her why?
grasshopper said, time will tell you the answer to your every question, I am only a messenger for someone of this time.
I asked again in fear!
“What do you want from me?”
Out of fear, I could not dare to touch that grasshopper/messenger.
The messenger said, “What I want, what I want to do, I will tell you and you have to do it.” Otherwise, your life will be gone at this moment.
Everyone’s greed for his life is why he wants to lose.
I asked
“If I obey you, will you give me back my life?”
He said, “I told you from the beginning, didn’t I?”
I am a messenger only!!
My job is just to get you on time.
I am not obliged to answer more questions than that.

“Now you will follow me,” said the messengers, “if you turn back, you will surely die.”
I was forced to obey the messenger’s words.
He asked me to come out of the mosquito net and reach the porch.
After saying this, she flew away from my ear.
I was shaking with fear and seeing him understand I took a few breaths and thought to myself, I grew up anyway.
But I heard the sound of that messengers once again.
“If anyone delays then I can’t tolerate it, come to the porch as soon as possible”
Now I came out of the mosquito net in a helpless state. I screamed and tried to wake up my friends but no one could hear me.
“No one can hear our voice now and we will try our best, no one will hear your words or voice,” said the messenger
I stepped forward.
I wanted to know if I could go back again but where my feet fall the flat ground grabs my feet and forces me to move forward.
I reached the porch in a precarious condition.
On the porch, I saw that the tree has grown. A man has turned into a rag. Messenger was standing on two legs and she was trying to call me on the other leg. The red cloth is fluttering on the body. He stands holding a 5-foot-long sword in his hand.
He was a messenger of Yama and time is the king of Yama.
I slowly started moving forward. I could not turn back. Even so, I cannot move my head to turn back.
And I followed the messenger in a desperate state. After about 10 steps. I couldn’t see anything I felt like I was blind but my feet kept moving forward.
I feel like I walked about 500 meters. Suddenly the messenger said to me.
Stand up, O man. I stood still. Suddenly there was a light in my eyes. A light flashes before my eyes.
I turned around and looked. He was not present as a messenger, It was dark all around. There was only one bright light in front of him.
A voice came from that bright light
“O man, your end has come.” Now you are far away from earth. If you have a last wish then I am bound to fulfil your wish. Tell me, what do you want?
Just then, I heard a rustling sound.
Suddenly my sleep was interrupted. I thought, hey I had such a terrible dream and I just came back from dream rise but then my phone vibrates. When I tried to pick it up, it was cut. The phone call was from my friend Tushar.
Keeping the phone close. I came out of the mosquito net. I fold the mosquito net and kept it near the table. I re-sized the bed sheet and sat on the bed again.
I thought, what was this strange dream? Rubbing my face with my palms, I reached the porch.
I remembered that the messenger had called me to the porch in my dream. I continued to follow the road in the direction it told me to take.
After reaching the spot, I realized that there was no further road because there was only dense forest ahead.
In my right mind, I thought again. That was a dream, I wanted to go back.
Thinking so much, I turned back to go back. All of a sudden, my eyes fell on a grasshopper.
Fear again arose in the mind. My body trembled. I saw a grasshopper lying dead. That insect was a wild grasshopper. It’s about 7 inches or more.
Normal grasshopper length range from 5cm to 7cm. I’ve only seen up to 7 cm but this is weird it is about 7 inches long. A truly strange situation arose.
I came back with fear in my mind. I went to the bathroom and washed my face. I was forced to sit on the bed again and think.
Did Yam’s messenger come to pick me up???
And because he failed in his mission, her life was sacrificed???
Or a phone call that saved me from death??
What exactly is the truth???
I am trying to find ?? But I could not find the answer to that question.

If you have the answer to this question please let me know.
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